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  • Tell me about MoM's Scratch Kitchen
    Who cooks better than MoM? Our scratch kitchen works with farm fresh, high quality ingredients in its recipes. We want to create wholesome, delicious, and affordable food for our community! We have pepperoni rolls, cookies, and other snacks available each day we are open. Foodie Fridays will have brunch all day starting in April (each Friday). We will be upgrading our front of house to include a beverage (coffee, tea, handcrafted sodas, kombucha, and more) bar and year-round ice cream service. We will have grab-and-go options for a healthy lunch or snack on the go, too! We will host food trucks on on the regular and the guests will be listed on our website, our printed calendar, and in-house. The worker-owners who run the food and beverage program are committed, long-time professionals who bring a depth of flavor and culinary expertise to the kitchen and are excited to bring affordable, yummy whole food to Bridgeport and surroundings.
  • Tell me about the upcoming beverage station.
    We are going to add a front-of-house beverage station to Market on Main as soon as our funding comes through This means handcrafted beverages (hot and cold) and ice cream (with handcrated local toppings) all year long! The owners who run the food and beverage program are trained pros who have made gourmet food and beverage for years. They are now bringing their expertise to Bridgeport- expect a trip to flavortown! In addition to offering Millie's Ice Cream year round (starting in April 2024), we will have handcrafted sodas, kombucha and cold brew on tap, coffee and tea (hot and cold) that are locally sourced and delicious. There will be a grab and go station with pepperoni rolls, sandwiches, pickled eggs, sweet and savory pastry, and salads soon! These will be available daily in addition to full meals n Foodie Fridays!
  • Tell me about the artisan marketplace.
    We have dozens of artisan vendors, offering the best WV has to offer in local art and craft. We curate the collection so there is something for everyone! From pottery to quilts, from wall art to spa-quality body care- Market on Main has something for you and yours. The unifying thread that runs through the market is a dedication to small, artisinal, local, and sustainable. If you are interested in joining our marketplace, fill out a form and we'll be in touch!
  • Tell me about the farmer's market.
    MoM's farmer's market is expanding in 2024! We aim to offer seasonal, local, fresh food from small local farms and agricultural coops. What do we currently carry? Cheese Butter Eggs, both chicken and duck Meat: beef, chicken, pork, turkey Kombucha Spring water Grab-and-Go pickles and snacks Granola and Cereals Baking Mixes Dried Beans and Legumes Sauces, sweet and savory Charcuterie Pasta Cocoa Mix Teas Spices and Herbs Honey Maple Syrup Artisinal Kitchen Items: salt cellars, wooden spoons, dishcloths Herbal remedies, tonics, body care, and teas Coming soon (in season): PRODUCE! PRODUCE! PRODUCE! Flowers Gourds Meat: Lamb and goat coming soon! Candy & Sweets Coffee Jams & Jellies Sauces and Salsas
  • What is the mission, vision, and values of Market on Main?
    The mission of Market on Main is to serve our community through access to farm fresh food, quality events, education, art, music, literature, and living, breathing culture. Our community includes customers, neighbors, small businesses and small farms, local craftspeople and artists, and those that appreciate art, music, and culture. We envision a place that serves as a gathering spot, a place to access farm fresh high quality food, a place to learn folkways and sustainable skills, and to enrich your life with objects of beauty and quality. We value small. Small means high quality control, not a factory for your goods. Small means intention and craft. We value local. We reduce our carbon footprint, stimulate the local economy (which is a fancy way of saying we neighbors support and care about one another), and get the best quality items because they didn't travel across the world to arrive in your hands. We value artisinal. Artsinal means items crafted in small batches with intention and purpose. We carry handcrafted items, not mass manufactured ones. We carry food from small farms and cooperatives, not big ag food. We value sustainable. Vendors within do, too. We want vendors that work to use natural over synthetic. That do not package in plastic. That source locally rather than through international distributors. That grow without synthetics in their food. We value delicious. Our scratch kitchen and farmer's market looks for the highest quality available to showcase and utilize. Local high quality ingredients make delicious food.
  • Who runs Market on Main?
    L-R: Aaron, Corum, Rowan, Lily, Oberyn We are a bunch of weirdos who own and run a farm together, and now we co-own a storefront in Bridgeport, too! Aaron will be working with vendors to get them monthly sales and inventory reports. Corum will be running front-of-house beverage service as well as The Wordwood, our bookstore. Rowan will be scooping ice cream and helping out around the shop when not in school. Lily is General Manager in charge of a bunch of things (when in doubt, ask Lily). Oberyn is our Kitchen Manager and chef. They will be cooking for you and running our food program! Market on Main is a worker owned cooperative, meaning we practice democracy at work, and all owners own an equal share of the business.
  • Why do the owners of MoM still wear face masks?
    While many have chosen to stop masking and social distancing, the owners of Market on Main have not. We continue to look at infection rates, fatalities, and the issue of long COVID with dismay and alarm. Some statistics you should know: 1. We are at the same rate of spread and infection now as we were at the height of the shutdown. While rates did go down temporarily, they have gone back up (with less masking and social distancing). Looking at Wastewater Treatment Plant data is really the only way to know how much COVID is in a community at this point, since the government stopped collecting data from clinics. The rates are HIGH in our part of the state. Many people are infected and carrying the virus, whether symptomatic or not. 2. COVID is an aerosolized infection- it has very fine particles that not only spread through the air but also the surfaces it lands upon. The infection is viable for days after being outside a human body, on surfaces and in the air. You can breathe it in, or pick it up from surfaces and touch your face and get infected. Most people cannot afford to take off work when infected, so many serving you are sick and spreading the virus. 3. The government could be protecting us, but chooses not to. It could pay for us to stay home when ill, regulate and reduce mass gatherings, subsidize masks and vaccines. They should be doing this to stop the spread and the death rates. Instead, they have started on a marketing campaign to encourage everyone to get out and spend money and get out and work. Stimulating the economy is more of a priority to them than is public health-so we, as citizens, are on our own. This should not come as a surprise to anyone who has needed medical care in the US. 4. Long COVID shows us that this illness is not simply "the flu" or a respiratory infection. It ends for many with neurological damage, death, cardiovascular events, and organ failure. The more you get infected, the more likely you are to get long COVID. Best to avoid getting it altogether. The ways to reduce your chances of infection (or infecting others) is masking and social distancing. This means wearing an N95 mask when indoors with others. N95 masks last 5 hours in a mostly mask-less environment. Snug fitting cloth masks only last 20 minutes, and surgical masks leave too many gaps on most faces to be effective at all. Social distancing means staying away from events and establishments that have lots of people. No big concerts, movies in theaters, eating in restaurants indoors (patios are safer when the tables are distanced well). It also means 6 feet apart in small groups, and being outdoors is safer (because of ventilation) than indoors in any sized group. This is our commitment to each other and to you, our community. Vaccination is a tool to keep you from dying or having a severe infection if you do get infected. It is valuable- but does NOT replace masking. Different tools for different purposes. We at Market on Main care about you, our community. We want to stop the spread of COVID. This is why we mask.
  • Who is welcome at MoM? Who is not?
    We see ourselves as a community asset. We are here for everyone in the community. This includes people of all genders, races, ethnicities, sexualities, ages, abilities, religions, and ideas. While our front steps are not wheelchair accessible, we do have a ramp at the back door and if you call the shop during shop hours, we can admit folks in wheelchairs through the back. Our all-gender bathroom is a single stall and all genders (and folks with no gender) are welcome here. We are a safe space for everyone to pee. We not only "tolerate" diversity- we celebrate it! Bring your unique self here and you will be welcomed warmly. We want to hear about your latest recipe triumph, see your latest needlework project, and get a tip from you about a great book. What we do NOT want is folks harming others with words or deeds. This means folks using hate speech or being bigoted or violent in any way will be firmly asked to leave. We value community and connection and those using words or deeds to sever those connections will not be welcome here. Be kind and be welcomed!
  • Is Market on Main one business or many?
    Ever so many! We house over 60 artisans and farms on our retail floor (the artisan and farmer's market) AND we also have amazing small business subtenants! We have a whole page on current vendors on the retail floor, too. Market on Main itself houses the businesses AND produces delicious farm fresh food in our Scratch Kitchen and Beverage Station. There is a whole section of the FAQ about our tenants, so be sure and check that out. As of 4/1/2024, our tenants are: Roundabout Records, The WordWood (a book store), Caitlinteriors and Jean's House, LoCasto Instrument and Music Lessons, Fund 2005 Associates, and Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist! (We have one more suite for rent right now- call the shop or email Lily for details!) All our tenants are passionate about their small businesses and participating in the community at large. Come visit!
  • What is SCRuBs?
    SCRuBs is an organization by and for small businesses, farms, and artisans. We envision an economy that serves us rather than big box companies. We want the local economy to work for locals, not just wealthy out-of-towners or mucky-mucks. We work to co-create opportunities and advocate for policies that benefit us! We meet once a month to work on projects, network, and get to know one another: Meet at Market on Main each 2nd Wednesday of the month, from 6:30 PM-8 PM. Join us!
  • Tell me about the monthly Plant Clinic
    On the 4th Thursday of each month, Laiken of Holler Horticulture sets up shop at Market on Main. She takes $5 donations to diagnose what is wrong with your green friend. If you wish, she can also help (soil, fertilizer, water, repotting, trimming/pruning) to make your friend happier. Those prices will be posted and Laiken can take cash or cards. Laiken is a plant wizard! Let her help you and your leafy friend!
  • Tell me about the monthly Stitch and Bitch.
    Danielle of The Yarnery leads this wonderful needlecraft event that is FREE to the public. Bring your projects and enjoy the company! All forms of needlecraft are welcome: knitting, crochet, embroidery, cross stitch, sewing, and more! All levels of skill are welcome (but there may or may not be folks to tutor in your chosen craft), but we wanna see what you are working on! Join the fellowship of the needle! 4th Thursdays of each month 6:30-8:30!
  • Tell me about Foodie Fridays.
    Starting up in April 2024, each Friday we will be either having a food truck in the parking lot or food available from our kitchen! For MoM Scratch Kitchen, the menu for the day will be themed brunches, with a small variety of offerings focused on nutritious, flavorful, affordable whole food sourced locally as much as possible. The upcoming menu is available from the website on the menu page. 10% off artisan and farmers market goods for those who purchase a meal from the food truck or kitchen on Fridays! One discount per party.
  • Tell me about the Storytelling Circle
    We are passionate about bringing back the folkway of oral tradition and narrative, and sharing the human treasure of everyday and extraordinary experiences. Whether your story happened to you or a loved one or is a favorite folktale you want to share- be welcomed at the circle!
  • Tell me about the monthly Book Club
    Hosted by Corum of The Wordwood bookstore (located inside Market on Main), this gathering is a celebration of the written word an those that love reading. This event is organized like a "show and tell" for book lovers. Bring what you are currently reading and let others know how awesome it is and why! All genres welcome! Corum's bookstore is a buy, sell, trade establishment- so you can also bring completed books to pass along!
  • I am an artist or craftsperson. Tell me about becoming a vendor!
    We would love to chat about this! First, fill out a form so we have some background information about you and your work. If we have space for a vendor of your type, we will be in touch! Please feel free to come down and visit and check the space out, too! we are particularly interested in vendors that want to not just sell here, but contribute classes, event facilitation, or sampling!
  • I am a small local farm or food producer. Tell me about how to sell through MoM.
    We do a combination of wholesale purchases and consignment on farmer's market items. We pay outright for highly perishable items like produce, eggs, and cheese and utilize it in our scratch kitchen as well. For shelf stable or frozen items, we usually do these on consignment- as it allows us to carry a lot more items than we could normally- to see what is popular with our community. If you would like to try vending here, we would love to hear from you. We encourage our farmer's market vendors to dedicate time to sampling on a Saturday or Sunday as well- anyone who has staffed a farmer's market knows- sampling sells!
  • I am a foodtruck or chef looking for a pop-up location. Tell me about using MoM.
    We have a large parking lot on main street in Bridgeport, so food trucks here do quite well. We offer 10% off shop sales when folks buy from our foodtruck friends as well! We also have a licensed commercial kitchen that can be used for value added food, pop-ups, and short-term rentals. We currently use the kitchen for Foodie Fridays, and it is currently available at other times. Email Lily about details and let's start a conversation!
  • Tell me about Lily Kunning, Community Herbalist (upstairs)
    Lily is a community herbalist that is clinically trained. She has decades of experience helping folks with consultations and formulas as well as teaching hundreds of workshops, classes and intensives that train the next generation of herbalists! Her office is upstairs and she sees clients in-person (mask required), on Zoom, or by phone. The office is not ADA accessible, sadly. She teaches free Zoom sessions each month for Cancer Support Community and an Ask the Herbalist session for Haven Herbs. She now teaches the vast majority of her in-person classes at Market on Main! Aren't we lucky!
  • Tell me about LoCasto Instrument Lessons (upstairs)
    The LoCastos and their instructors offer private instruction for piano, violin, band instruments, modern worship, beginner guitar, beginner ukulele, and drums. A variety of group lessons include Level 1 & 2 Ukulele, Kids & Adult Worship Bands. Owned by Fred and De Ann Locasto: DeAnn LoCasto is a multi-instrumentalist and holds a Bachelor's Degree in Music Composition and an almost complete Master's Degree in Music Education. She has given over 10,000 lessons as a private instructor. Fred LoCasto is a lifetime musician and specializes in beginner piano, piano/keyboard chording, praise and worship and drums. For more information on LoCasto Piano and Instrument Lessons call 304-808-1626 or visit them on Facebook.
  • Tell me about Caitlinteriors and Jean's Place (upstairs)
    Our newest tenant is Caitlin of Caitlinteriors and her boutique, Jean's House. Caitlin is an interior designer that's committed to creating a unique space that reflects your personality and style. Her mission is to make interior design more attainable; allow us to help you transform your space into the ultimate reflection of your unique personality and lifestyle. Her newest endeavor is Jean's Place: a boutique that showcases unique and vintage items that make every space special. Be sure and stop by upstairs when you come to Market on Main!
  • Tell me about Roundabout Records (in the basement)
    One of the best collections in the area, Chris at Roundabout Records not only sells vinyl, he cleans and restores records and their machines, researches and gives you all the deets on each record, teaches music lessons, and much more. What started as a single crate of records in 2022 has quickly boomed into over 3000 titles and counting. Read more about the philosophy of the shop here. Want to geek out with Chris about Records? Check out his YouTube channel. You can get updates on sales and more on either Facebook or Instagram Hours: Tues-Thurs 11-6 & Fri-Sat 11-7 Shop phone is: 304-931-1681
  • Tell me about Fund 2005 Associates (upstairs).
    Our quietest tenant is simultaneously operating here and in Idaho! They have a small office upstairs and work in fund management and finance. Intrigued? Give them a jingle: (888) 487-4445.
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