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MoM's Scratch Kitchen and Grab-and-Go!

Who makes food better than your MoM?


Evergreen Offerings:
Each day, we have Pepperoni Rolls, Salty Malty Cookies, Ice Cream. Soon, we will roll out a LOT more daily offerings.

April Foodie Friday offerings:
Triple Quiche Madness, Brassica Salad, & Fresh Bread

April 12th: Battle of the Chilis
Do you want Red Beef Chili, Whote Chicken Chili or a little of both? Served with our scratch made honey Jalapeño Cornbread!

April 19th: Lunch Classic!
2 types of Fancy Grilled Cheese available on house basked bread & scratch made soup (Roasted red pepper and tomato)

April 26th: Triple Taco Fiesta
3 Tacos (chicken, veggie, or pork- your choice)
with scratch made tortillas
and salsa!

Foodie Friday offerings:

May 3rd: Veggie Pasta!
Vegetarian Fettucine with either Uncle Frankie's marinara or garlic butter

Focaccia breadsticks

Side salad with house-made dressing

May 10th: Lebanese Lunch

Chicken shawarma plates with hummus

Flat bread/Zatar bread

Salad & Tzadziki


May 17th: All-day Breakfast Yum

Eggs: scrambled or over easy/medium/hard

Scratch Made Whole Wheat Toast

Breakfast Sausage

Crispy Oven fries


May 24: Meatless Friday

Roasted root veg salad (parsnips, carrots, potatoes turnips) in a creamy lemon-dill dressing

Chana masala (Indian chickpeas in sauce over rice)

Made-to-order veggie stirfry


May 31: Chili Pop-Up Returns!


We are investing in new and more equipment to bring you:

  • Grab-and-Go meals and snacks,

  • An extensive beverage and ice cream menu,

  • Insta-Meals (frozen, just dump in a crock pot for a farm-to-table dinner that's easy-peasy!

  • and Made-to-Order lunches, snacks, and dinners.

    Be sure and join the email list to find out when all this deliciousness launches!

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