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MoM sources from local farms, food artisans, and businesses for its soda fountain and food!

Who makes food better than your MoM?


Evergreen Snack Offerings:
House-made Pepperoni Rolls

Salty Malty Cookies
Chocolate Krinkle Cookies
Sticky Nutty Bars
Real Fruit "Pop Tarts"
Egg Bites (Little Quiches)
Banana Walnut Bread

Millie's Ice Cream

Myriad Offerings of Pastry (Sweet and Savory)
Ice Cream Sandwiches with house made cookies!

Evergreen Beverages:
Handcrafted Sodas (syrups made in-house!):
Root Beer, Vanilla Cream, & seasonals
Floats made with our housemade sodas!
Iced Tea (Sweet or unsweet)
Jamaica (Sweet Hibiscus Flower Tea)

Golden Milk
Hot Cocoa (Vegan or Dairy!)
Hot Teas and Tisanes (Locally grown!)
Pour-over Coffee (WV roasted!)

kombucha and cold brew on tap, grab-and-go lunches, cannabis infused lemonade, and more!

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